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An International Journal on
Information Technology, Action, Communication and Workpractices

Vol. 5 (2011), No. 1

Special issue on Theory and Inquiry of Practice Research
Table of Contents

Göran Goldkuhl & Ilse Julkunen

The research practice of practice research: theorizing and situational inquiry
Göran Goldkuhl


A framework to support the planning and implementation of work-practice research: An example of using boundary practice lens on the work of business analysts
Rajiv Vashist, Judy McKay and Peter Marshall

Reflecting the methodological tool box in studying ICT-related change in child welfare
Raija Koskinen and Ilse Julkunen

An event-based approach for the “intermediate step” in process studies of IT-related organizational change
Lars-Olof Lychnell

Practices, modifications and generativity – REA: a practical tool for managing the innovation processes of practices
Juha Koivisto and Pasi Pohjola

The design of effective theory
Paidi O’Raghallaigh, David Sammon and Ciaran Murphy

Practitioners’ motives as a key issue in organizing practice research collaboration
Malin Nordström and Karin Axelsson
Call for papers to a special Issue on ”Government – citizen communication through the web”
Call for papers to a special Issue on ”IT Artefact & practice theorizing – pragmatic perspectives”